Top 10 Habits of a Database Marketer

Name your most valuable company asset: Inventory? Equipment? Employees? If you’ve got customers, your number one asset is your customer list. That’s because the fastest way to grow your business exponentially is to squeeze every drop of profits from customers you already have using database marketing.

Take this 10-point true/false quiz to see if you possess the habits of an effective database marketer. Give yourself 1 point for each “true” answer:

1. I collect complete contact information (name, address, phone numbers, email address) on every customer and new inquirer

2. I keep all my contacts in a single database (including customers, prospects, referral partners, vendors, friends, family)

3. I keep track of how each customer or prospect found me so I can duplicate my successes (and can the flops)

4. I have a templated, easy-to-use, automatic response system to follow up with prospects before, during and after the sale

5. I can easily cross sell my other services to current customers because I track what they bought previously through database segmentation

6. I have a system to track opt-outs to my email marketing campaigns so I can stay CAN-SPAM compliant with my e-marketing. I also follow-up on bounce-back emails so I don’t lose precious connections with my customers and prospects

7. I can forecast and act upon my projected sales for the next week, month or quarter based on opportunities in my sales pipeline

8. I have a database clean-up plan to update my contacts at least once per year

9. I have a bullet-proof procedure for tracking open and closed customer service issues

10. Leads from my website are automatically entered into my customer database, and I’m notified instantly to take follow-up action

What Your Score Means

If you scored a 7 or less, you’re working way too hard for business. Most likely, you’re developing each customer one at a time. To become a database marketer, you must instead create a systematic sales process that runs on auto-pilot and stimulates new orders whether you’re working or not. Selling customers one order at a time seems intuitive, and it’s the way most of us learned how to do business. But it’s inefficient, and it prevents you from scaling your business.

If you scored an 8 or above, you’ve got the database marketing chops to boost business! Focus on sending relevant and persistent marketing messages to your current customers via direct mail, email, fax and phone, and always ask for referrals. It’s 10 times easier to get new orders this way than it is to convert a new prospect because you’ve already paid for cost of acquisition. Every new order is found profits.