How To Use the 60-30-10 Database Marketing Formula To Increase Profits

The definition of database marketing is doing more with customers you already have. That’s a very simple definition, yet necessary, because a lot of businesses focus on getting new business while neglecting their current customers.

To implement effective database marketing, use the 60-30-10 direct marketing formula for success. Its components are:

1. Your list – which contributes 60% to your marketing success

2. Your offer – the copy or message and whatever you’re promoting which contributes 30% to your success, and

3. Everything else – for example, email vs. direct mail, 4-color vs. 1-color, sent on a Monday vs. a Saturday, etc. All of these factors only affect the outcome by about 10%.

If you focus on combining “everything else” with “the offer,” you make only a 40% impact. Yet many business marketers fret over picking out the perfect PMS color, while ignoring the bigger, more important issue of their target audience.

Instead, invest time in segmenting your customer list-niche it down–to make it more targeted. Then match and personalize your offer to make it very special for that targeted segment. The result: 60% + 30% = 90% impact!

The best way to maximize these results is to use database marketing with a customer list. We all know it’s 10 times easier to sell an existing client than it is to find a new one. That conventional wisdom is not disputed.

So the first step in creating your database marketing system is to reach out to people who have done business with you before. Perhaps, they’re not doing business with you right now, but they’re still your customers. They’ve spent money with you. They have a history with you, and they know who you are. Customers are more valuable to your business than a new prospect. This is the profit zone.

Only after you’ve exhausted all opportunities for database marketing to customers should you consider adding the next tier of profitable lists: prospects who behave most like your current customers. The further you stray from your customer database profit zone, the less likely your database marketing campaigns will succeed and the more expensive it will be to attract new customers.

Expense Management Reporting Software for Small Businesses

Management of expenses is an essential component of every organization. It makes it easier to be aware of where you spend your money as well as assisting you to make the best use of resources. There are a variety of expense management reporting software that are available and some are more popular than others. Let’s review some of the most popular options.

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular choices for software to manage expenses. Windows comes with a number of the fundamental features you’ll need in your new program. It has a lot of new features too, such as an expense report generator. If you think Microsoft Windows is too complex and you’re looking for something that’s simpler to use, you can look for a Linux based expense management application.

Zulu is another top choice for software that manages expenses. This product comes from an organization called Intuit and was designed to meet the requirements of businesses who require expense reports. It comes with a variety of features including the ability to manage the expense of departments and the capability to design custom reports. Zulu includes a purchase card management feature , and it is easy to include the capability to manage your business cards using this user-friendly application.

Small-scale business expense reports can be difficult to write and send on your own. Using an automatic expense management software, you can make it easy to produce professional quality expense reports anytime you need them. Software for managing expenses, such as expense reports from QuickBooks or similar systems are easy to operate and manage. Most small business expense reports are delivered via email. You can also print and track your reports in a matter of few minutes with the right application.

If you’re considering using expense management reporting software for your small-sized firm, you might want to consider the telecom expense management software. Telecom expense management software offers a wide range of attributes that make it a ideal choice for small-scale businesses. These features include an online payment authorization system, which makes accepting debit cards, credit cards as well as electronic checks easier and more secure. The program also features the ability to track your invoices through a telecom system that allows you to track your invoices anywhere you have access to an Internet connection. A telecom reporting payment authorization system can automatically accept credit card payments and e-checks and allows the printing of reports for your employees , or create invoices online.

A third business expense management reporting tool, which is offered by QuickBooks can be the dashboard optimizer. With the dashboard optimizer, you can modify your reports and dashboards so that they’re created to fit your specific company information. The dashboard optimizer includes tools to help you create custom reports, and also tools that can help you edit and delete your reports as your business grows. This is a great way to speed up the process of creating and managing your business expense reports. It’s simple to use and easy to customize, making it a good option for mid-sized to small businesses.

Full Color Direct Mailers Increase Small Business Sales

Is Full Color Pring Affordable?

When people talk about full color printing they often associate the word “color” with “expensive”. In fact many people will refuse color printing in order to save money. To be clear, the facts are that  full color printing is very cost-effective and easy to do with a very small advertising budget.

Why Use Full Color Printing for Advertising?

A common mistake made by small businesses is the attempt to save money by using grayscale printing or not printing in full color. While this can save you money in the short term it will end up costing you money in the long term by significantly reducing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. This is especially true if you are using photographic imagery where the quality of your images is essential. Not spending that little extra cash on full color printing can actually provide a negative impact on your business and will result in much fewer customer conversions.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

While direct mail is not the only distribution method you can think about using for your flyers, it should definitely be the most prominent method to use. Many businesses use direct mail frequently and regularly in order to supplement their customer base and ensure repeat sales as well as bringing in brand new customers that would otherwise not know about your business. With direct mail you also do not need to wait around for customers to come to you, you can go directly to al the customers within your local area so you know any potential customer that is out there is exposed to your business. That means if anyone out there will possibly carry out a sale with your business you will make sure that they can and will.

Why is this Great News for a Small Business?

As a small business, every penny counts. Even though you should not sacrifice full color printing to save money, there are plenty of other ways to help cut the costs down including bulk order discounts and reduced shipping costs for longer shipping orders. In addition to this the sheer effectiveness of direct mail distribution and flyer advertising as one of the most effective (and cost effective) advertising solutions today means even a small business can take advantage of this method. This advertising method is highly accessible; absolutely any business can supplement their marketing campaign with direct mail flyer distribution.

So How can Full Color Direct Mail Increase Sales?

With full color advertising and a direct mail flyer distribution method you are not only cutting costs and ensuring the highest quality in design and printing, but you are also ensuring your business has a bright future. The more people you can introduce your business to the more sales you will receive and with a professional flyer design you can also ensure the actual customer conversion rate increases as well meaning more sales all round.