Direct Marketing On The Internet

The companies that generate the most profits from online marketing, like any other forms of marketing, are those that use direct marketing principles in everything they do.

Direct marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is all about achieving a return on investment from your advertising spend and tracking the response from each individual campaign.

Direct marketing focuses on producing immediate profits or results. Traditional marketing is about ‘branding’.

The biggest difference between traditional marketing and direct marketing (apart from the immediate, identifiable profits) is that you can achieve all the benefits of traditional advertising with direct marketing, such as branding, but you can’t achieve all of the benefits of direct marketing from traditional marketing, such as immediate profits.

For example, let’s say you advertise in magazines, and you have ads in BRW, Forbes and Times, with each one costing you $8,000 for a full page. Traditional marketing would spend the advertising budget to advertise in each paper for the purpose of ‘branding’ with no real purpose except to let the public know about one of their products or, even worse, to let them know the company exists.

Direct marketing would spend the advertising budget in each paper but they would have a clear reason for advertising, would offer something of value and would provide clear instructions on how the reader can redeem that value, such as a free gift or a coupon. They would use different phone numbers in each of the advertisements so they could track how many sales were made from each ad, and what the ROI was for each ad. With this information, they can identify which ad produced profits and which ad produced a loss, then continue advertising in the profitable medium and stop advertising in the others.

Online marketing is the same. There are those companies which use traditional marketing methods (the vast majority) and there are those that use direct marketing methods (the successful minority).

In the offline world, direct marketing means tracking the results from newspaper ads, magazine ads, pamphlets, radio advertising and TV advertising… so that you know exactly how much profit you make from each advertising medium.

In the Internet world, direct marketing means tracking the results from pay-per-click advertising campaigns, search engine optimisation campaigns, email marketing campaigns, banner advertising campaigns, contextual advertising campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns and everything you do to drive new sales to your business.

One of the advantages the Internet provides to direct marketers is the speed and ease of tracking all marketing campaigns, identifying profit centres and loss centres and then continually improving ROI from each marketing avenue.

Before the Internet, and even now, tracking response from offline advertising involved setting up multiple phone numbers and waiting (sometimes months) to see the results. On the Internet you can see results in as little as 24 hours and then adjust the marketing spend to suit.

If you want to generate maximum profits from online marketing then you must think like a direct marketer, where every dollar spent must bring back at least two or three times the investment.

Understanding the Stock Market – Support and Resistance

There are many tools that an investor or trader can use to assist in determining price direction. A trader should not rule out subscribing to newsletters that offer trading support and actual stock picks to supplement your own analysis of markets and market direction.One of the essential tools in analyzing market price direction is identifying support and resistance zones. These are areas where prices tend to consolidate and reverse. Support provides support to prices that are declining and resistance impedes prices that are attempting to advance.Now it is possible, of course, that prices decline or advance through these zones bringing into play another zone of support or resistance. Generally, if prices are falling into a support area and that area holds and they begin to rise again you should be a buyer. If the area doesn’t hold then prices could drop to the next area of support. A trader could go short at that point, but would not necessarily do so. An analysis of the overall market and a longer term price picture should be considered before shorting this area.Similarly, at resistance points, if the zone holds and rejects prices a short position could be initiated. If the resistance doesn’t hold prices, look at the next resistance point.Determining support and resistance points takes some practice and is somewhat subjective because there are points that can be considered weak support or resistance and strong support or resistance.There are many books and seminars that teach methods for determining support and resistance zones, but the simplist way is to look at price charts. Which charts to look at depends on if you are a long term or short term trader. Longer term traders may look at daily and weekly charts and shorter term traders might look at 5, 10 or 30 minute charts.Whichever charts you decide to use look back at previous areas of support and resistance. That is, if prices were advancing, at what price did they stop advancing and begin to decline. How many times did that price hold prices from advancing further. The more times it repelled price appreciation, the stronger and more significant the resistance point.Apply the same logic to support points. When prices are declining, at what price point did prices stop declining and begin to advance.By looking at historical charts you can determine many support and resistance zones that will assist you in your trading decisions.

Self Directed IRA Custodian – A Ticket to the Poorhouse Or Road to Riches – What You Should Know

The right self-directed IRA custodian can provide a lot of help and information. But, there are a lot of new self-directed IRA custodians that don’t provide much of anything at all.

Read The Fine Print

They advertise free and easy on-line setup, but if you look closely, as I have, and read the fine print, they are not truly self directed accounts. They don’t offer all of the options allowed under the law. Like most companies, they have their own mutual funds. They want you to choose one of them and let your money sit there. That’s probably NOT what you want to do.

Complete Control

A self-directed IRA custodian should allow you to have complete control. The set up the account, but they charge a reasonable fee. You fund it, either with a transfer, a roll-over or other funds. Then you make all of the decisions. If you don’t tell your self-directed IRA custodians to do something with your money, no transactions will occur. Of course, you won’t be earning any profits either.

The Best Custodians

The best self-directed IRA custodians allow you to purchase traditional assets, such as stocks and bonds, but they also allow you to invest in real estate, mortgage notes and other more profitable choices. It’s always been important to diversify, but it’s even more so today.

Some People Are Suffering

People who do not have a self-directed IRA custodian or have not fully diversified are suffering right now. With the stock market fluctuation the way that it is, lots of people say that they cannot retire, even though they are well past retirement age. Of course, this is one reason that we have a high unemployment rate. People can’t afford to retire, so they’re holding on to their jobs longer.

You’re Not Going To Be One Of Them

You will compare self-directed IRA custodians and the fees that they charge. You’ll consider all of your investment options, so that you can quickly grow your retirement account and maybe even retire early.

With the right investments and a good self-directed IRA custodian, people are doing that, too. If you’re in your thirties and have already accumulated some funds, you can easily make $10,000 profits, several times per year. By the time you hit 60, you are likely to have several million dollars in the account. Anyone can retire on that.

Get Good Advice

In addition to shopping for self-directed IRA custodians, you should look for some good investment advice. There are new programs, today, that are “guaranteed” to make a profit for your account.

The Hidden Real Estate Market

Even in today’s real estate market there are many people in this country that could afford a reasonably priced house, but they find that none are available in their community. When they do find something affordable, they find that the neighborhood is highly undesirable. There is a surplus of large over-priced houses in planned communities, but there is nothing for low and middle income families.

Many new and seasoned investors are now making a profit from this situation. So, find a good self-directed IRA custodian and get some advice about investing in real estate. That’s the road to retirement.