How To Replicate Dan Kennedy the Marketing and Copywriting Genius

Dan Kennedy is internationally recognized as a ‘millionaire-maker’, helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. Dan Kennedy is often referred to as the Millionaire Maker for his uncanny ability to help people achieve their goals both financially and in their personal lives, Dan himself has always done business under his terms and was able to

retire totally financially secure at the tender age of 49. Dan Kennedy is the “hidden genius” behind full-page magazine advertisements you’ve undoubtedly seen, direct-mail campaigns you’ve received and TV infomercials you’ve seen. Dan Kennedy is blunt, straightforward, and almost totally lacking in diplomacy.

Marketing Genius

He has been called the “Professor of Harsh Reality” because he’s provocative, irreverent, sarcastic, and tells it like it is in a humorous, but chilling, serious fashion that cuts to the core of the issues in a way no other marketing ‘guru’ does. He is a leading consultant in direct marketing, copywriting, internet strategies, and profit improvement systems.

Although Dan Kennedy rarely speaks anymore, except for events sponsored by Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle or a few select engagements for private clients, he was formerly one of the most popular, in-demand speakers on direct marketing-related topics. Here are a few examples: To sneak away with
the exact same money-making tools and profit strategies that others have paid thousands for.

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Sales Systems

Many of Dan’s clients — and “students” including me — achieve really miraculous sales breakthroughs almost overnight. In any given month, clients spend over 1/2-million dollars running ads, much more mailing sales letters, and still more airing infomercials that Dan has developed. Gold, a company that has twice increased its sales by millions with Dan Kennedy provided marketing breakthroughs. “No matter what you sell… or… who you sell it to, Dan’s finally created a simple and easy to use AUTOMATIC “sales message creator” that even an illiterate can use to “snap together” an order pulling sales letter like a child’s jigsaw puzzle.

Information Facts

He is never in his office, never takes incoming calls and new ‘private’ clients are asked to submit information by fax before getting a telephone appointment with him. In the information-publishing field, he has literally guided over two dozen startups to multi-million dollar annual sales. He got his start in the information business by working from a small coffee table in his apartment. He doesn.t need that coffee table anymore.

Marketing Ideas

Entrepreneur Magazine says he has “at least 101 moneymaking ideas for any business owner” — but ‘idea’ is really a misnomer; Dan is relentless about providing only proven, practical, useable action strategies. As you already know, he is also one of the most popular professional speakers, sharing his ideas with over 200,000 people a year and sharing the platform with a long list of other famous speakers and celebrities, including: Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Larry King and many others. Dan offers some new ways of looking at old ideas, like if you are self-employed, you can live “off peak” and never need to stand in line again using his fabulous techniques.


Dan’s Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box is definitely the most valuable training I have received in copywriting. But after viewing Dan’s Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box, I can honestly say that I’ve been introduced to hundreds of new ideas that I know will make me thousands of dollars. It is a no nonsense copywriting course for people who want the bare bones info and not a bloated seminar. We have this briiliant product for instant download on the site.

Dan Kennedy is one of the highest paid, most in-demand direct marketing consultants in America today. Dan Kennedy is already a best-selling author of 6 books and numerous “how-to” courses and packages — many of which retail for as much as $3,492. We have reproduced these products as .pdf files and auio files for download and learning on the move, all at a fraction of the previous cost.

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Top 10 Habits of a Database Marketer

Name your most valuable company asset: Inventory? Equipment? Employees? If you’ve got customers, your number one asset is your customer list. That’s because the fastest way to grow your business exponentially is to squeeze every drop of profits from customers you already have using database marketing.

Take this 10-point true/false quiz to see if you possess the habits of an effective database marketer. Give yourself 1 point for each “true” answer:

1. I collect complete contact information (name, address, phone numbers, email address) on every customer and new inquirer

2. I keep all my contacts in a single database (including customers, prospects, referral partners, vendors, friends, family)

3. I keep track of how each customer or prospect found me so I can duplicate my successes (and can the flops)

4. I have a templated, easy-to-use, automatic response system to follow up with prospects before, during and after the sale

5. I can easily cross sell my other services to current customers because I track what they bought previously through database segmentation

6. I have a system to track opt-outs to my email marketing campaigns so I can stay CAN-SPAM compliant with my e-marketing. I also follow-up on bounce-back emails so I don’t lose precious connections with my customers and prospects

7. I can forecast and act upon my projected sales for the next week, month or quarter based on opportunities in my sales pipeline

8. I have a database clean-up plan to update my contacts at least once per year

9. I have a bullet-proof procedure for tracking open and closed customer service issues

10. Leads from my website are automatically entered into my customer database, and I’m notified instantly to take follow-up action

What Your Score Means

If you scored a 7 or less, you’re working way too hard for business. Most likely, you’re developing each customer one at a time. To become a database marketer, you must instead create a systematic sales process that runs on auto-pilot and stimulates new orders whether you’re working or not. Selling customers one order at a time seems intuitive, and it’s the way most of us learned how to do business. But it’s inefficient, and it prevents you from scaling your business.

If you scored an 8 or above, you’ve got the database marketing chops to boost business! Focus on sending relevant and persistent marketing messages to your current customers via direct mail, email, fax and phone, and always ask for referrals. It’s 10 times easier to get new orders this way than it is to convert a new prospect because you’ve already paid for cost of acquisition. Every new order is found profits.

Article Marketing – Two Purposes of Article Marketing I

At this point, I am going to tackle my favorite form of quality traffic generation here.

First, what is article marketing? Article marketing is the process of writing articles for the purpose of disseminating them online to generate both immediate traffic and to generate inbound links, or backlinks, to your web site.

Article marketing can be used for two distinct purposes, although these two purposes can be combined for maximum effect. However, it is important when you are article marketing you understand these two purposes and which you are focusing on, because each of them produce radically different results.

So what are these two purposes?

1) Article marketing for direct traffic

2) Article marketing for link building

In the case of article marketing for direct traffic, you will be writing a large number of articles and submitting them to a small number of article directories, namely the ones that get the most direct traffic and have the highest pagerank. These articles will generate very highly responsive traffic to your web site.

In the case of article marketing for link building, you will be writing a smaller number of articles and submitting them to a long list of article directories for the purpose of building links to your web site. As I discussed in the section on search engine optimization, building links to your web site generally improves your pagerank, so your web site and web pages will rank higher in the natural search engine results.

Why do I make such a distinction between these two? I think that you have to choose one of the two and make an impact by being the very best at one of the two choices. Here is why: if you are going for direct traffic – go for it! Go all out! Write 100 articles per month and submit them to the top 5 directories – in one year you will have 1200 articles and a lot of traffic from those articles. And as I will discuss later, that traffic will be highly responsive traffic.