Self Directed IRA Custodian – A Ticket to the Poorhouse Or Road to Riches – What You Should Know

The right self-directed IRA custodian can provide a lot of help and information. But, there are a lot of new self-directed IRA custodians that don’t provide much of anything at all.

Read The Fine Print

They advertise free and easy on-line setup, but if you look closely, as I have, and read the fine print, they are not truly self directed accounts. They don’t offer all of the options allowed under the law. Like most companies, they have their own mutual funds. They want you to choose one of them and let your money sit there. That’s probably NOT what you want to do.

Complete Control

A self-directed IRA custodian should allow you to have complete control. The set up the account, but they charge a reasonable fee. You fund it, either with a transfer, a roll-over or other funds. Then you make all of the decisions. If you don’t tell your self-directed IRA custodians to do something with your money, no transactions will occur. Of course, you won’t be earning any profits either.

The Best Custodians

The best self-directed IRA custodians allow you to purchase traditional assets, such as stocks and bonds, but they also allow you to invest in real estate, mortgage notes and other more profitable choices. It’s always been important to diversify, but it’s even more so today.

Some People Are Suffering

People who do not have a self-directed IRA custodian or have not fully diversified are suffering right now. With the stock market fluctuation the way that it is, lots of people say that they cannot retire, even though they are well past retirement age. Of course, this is one reason that we have a high unemployment rate. People can’t afford to retire, so they’re holding on to their jobs longer.

You’re Not Going To Be One Of Them

You will compare self-directed IRA custodians and the fees that they charge. You’ll consider all of your investment options, so that you can quickly grow your retirement account and maybe even retire early.

With the right investments and a good self-directed IRA custodian, people are doing that, too. If you’re in your thirties and have already accumulated some funds, you can easily make $10,000 profits, several times per year. By the time you hit 60, you are likely to have several million dollars in the account. Anyone can retire on that.

Get Good Advice

In addition to shopping for self-directed IRA custodians, you should look for some good investment advice. There are new programs, today, that are “guaranteed” to make a profit for your account.

The Hidden Real Estate Market

Even in today’s real estate market there are many people in this country that could afford a reasonably priced house, but they find that none are available in their community. When they do find something affordable, they find that the neighborhood is highly undesirable. There is a surplus of large over-priced houses in planned communities, but there is nothing for low and middle income families.

Many new and seasoned investors are now making a profit from this situation. So, find a good self-directed IRA custodian and get some advice about investing in real estate. That’s the road to retirement.

Article Marketing – Two Purposes of Article Marketing I

At this point, I am going to tackle my favorite form of quality traffic generation here.

First, what is article marketing? Article marketing is the process of writing articles for the purpose of disseminating them online to generate both immediate traffic and to generate inbound links, or backlinks, to your web site.

Article marketing can be used for two distinct purposes, although these two purposes can be combined for maximum effect. However, it is important when you are article marketing you understand these two purposes and which you are focusing on, because each of them produce radically different results.

So what are these two purposes?

1) Article marketing for direct traffic

2) Article marketing for link building

In the case of article marketing for direct traffic, you will be writing a large number of articles and submitting them to a small number of article directories, namely the ones that get the most direct traffic and have the highest pagerank. These articles will generate very highly responsive traffic to your web site.

In the case of article marketing for link building, you will be writing a smaller number of articles and submitting them to a long list of article directories for the purpose of building links to your web site. As I discussed in the section on search engine optimization, building links to your web site generally improves your pagerank, so your web site and web pages will rank higher in the natural search engine results.

Why do I make such a distinction between these two? I think that you have to choose one of the two and make an impact by being the very best at one of the two choices. Here is why: if you are going for direct traffic – go for it! Go all out! Write 100 articles per month and submit them to the top 5 directories – in one year you will have 1200 articles and a lot of traffic from those articles. And as I will discuss later, that traffic will be highly responsive traffic.

Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Eggs In One “Marketing Basket”

Are you making the same business mistakes that most small business owners make? Hopefully you aren’t, because it can really take a toll on how much money you’re spending on your advertising campaigns. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is relying on solely one source of advertising your business.

It’s always best to have more than one way to bring a customer, because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and have one source gone, and no more sources. That’s why I make it a point to advertise my business in most ways as possible. I think you should do the same too.

For example, the only way that I used to market my business online, is through articles. I thought it would be okay to write a ton of articles and submit them, and then do nothing else for my business. Unfortunately, my website traffic had hit a plateau, and I was forced to try something new because the article marketing strategy had become semi-ineffective.

If you’re only marketing your business in one way, then I suggest that you change your habits immediately. At any time your one source of business could dry up on you, and you’re left holding the bag. It’s always best to have more than one way of getting visitors into your door, so keep this in mind.

You could put yourself on a marketing schedule or marketing routine that emphasizes all of the avenues that you can promote your business in. For example, you could mix yellow pages advertising, combined with newspaper advertising, and direct mail just to start. After you’ve mastered these techniques, make room for more strategies.

Now obviously you don’t need to use every marketing technique in the book just to market your business. Usually if you’re the owner of the business and you play an active role in the operations of things, you may not have time to implement some of the marketing strategies available to you. And that’s just because there’s simply not enough time in the day to run your business and market at the same time.

You have 2 choices here: The first choice is that you can hire another staff member to work in your business while you focus on the marketing. Or… you can continue to work in your business and moderately market your products. It all depends on how much money you can afford to spend on a new employee. So make this a wise choice.

I personally think that you should consider hiring a new employee. There are so many things that you can do to market your business, and I think that relying on one traffic source is a path to business destruction. Make use of any other free time that you have to come up with new marketing ideas.

Consider mailing postcards, direct mail letters, press releases, advertorials, classified advertising, newspaper advertising, and etc. There are so many ways that you can market your business, so take advantage of these marketing techniques today.

Good luck with marketing your products and services.