Article Marketing – Two Purposes of Article Marketing I

At this point, I am going to tackle my favorite form of quality traffic generation here.

First, what is article marketing? Article marketing is the process of writing articles for the purpose of disseminating them online to generate both immediate traffic and to generate inbound links, or backlinks, to your web site.

Article marketing can be used for two distinct purposes, although these two purposes can be combined for maximum effect. However, it is important when you are article marketing you understand these two purposes and which you are focusing on, because each of them produce radically different results.

So what are these two purposes?

1) Article marketing for direct traffic

2) Article marketing for link building

In the case of article marketing for direct traffic, you will be writing a large number of articles and submitting them to a small number of article directories, namely the ones that get the most direct traffic and have the highest pagerank. These articles will generate very highly responsive traffic to your web site.

In the case of article marketing for link building, you will be writing a smaller number of articles and submitting them to a long list of article directories for the purpose of building links to your web site. As I discussed in the section on search engine optimization, building links to your web site generally improves your pagerank, so your web site and web pages will rank higher in the natural search engine results.

Why do I make such a distinction between these two? I think that you have to choose one of the two and make an impact by being the very best at one of the two choices. Here is why: if you are going for direct traffic – go for it! Go all out! Write 100 articles per month and submit them to the top 5 directories – in one year you will have 1200 articles and a lot of traffic from those articles. And as I will discuss later, that traffic will be highly responsive traffic.